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MOIST PROMISE tour flyer 2012!!!


Moist Promise Tour 2012 Promo












2011 Tender Tour poster ↓ 

zoo on tour!!!


We are ZOO, a full-to-bursting two-piece band
from San Francisco, CA.

zoo in philadelphia

1 / 23 / 2013

It's 2013! A big year for all of us. We survived the end of the world.

We've got an awesome new video of us playing "Permanence" with a compelling dance performance by Stacey Swan:

We've also got some more real fun pics from our tour on the ol' tour blog and cool photos from all year on the photos page.

Stay tuned because we're not done with you yet!

luv, ZOO

9 / 25 / 2012

Tour blog is up! Check it out here!

We'll be updating. We're in Arkansas now!

9 / 17 / 2012

We're on tour! Follow our Facebook page for news.

love, ammo + andy / ZOO.

9 / 7 / 2012

Our record release show is happening soon! Come support the dream ...

at The Knockout

3223 Mission St (at Valencia near 29th St.)

with High Anxiety, Dark Beach, and Jeremy Rourke bringing original projections and playing some opening tunes!

9pm $5 Wednesday, 9/12/12

Click on flyer to see full-sized version!


Record Release show at the knockout!!

8 / 26 / 2012

Hello, it's us, Ammo and Andy!

Our album Moist Promise is being released on September 12th, with a show at the Knockout in SF with Dark Beach and High Anxiety. Find more info on our shows page.

Here's a new track from that album, called Bloodless. It's a reflective tale which weighs the benfits and drawbacks of self-exile. Enjoy!

7 / 26 / 2012

Our debut LP, Moist Promise, will be released on cassette tape by Hollow Home Ministries in September. Play it in your car!

Here's a video of us making the album cover. The video is set to part of the song "When You're Itching." Check it!


7 / 2 / 2012


Well now

It may seem that we've been somewhat reticent in recent months, but in fact we've been recording our first full-length LP, Moist Promise. This map above is all the places that our album will go.

recording at studio tummy sharks

As the image above displays, we've been in the flammable-insulation lined, dust-beset, water-heater containing garage here in the Excelsior district, laying brick upon brick, and the fruits of our labour will soon be available in a variety of formats.

Come September 2012, you'll be able to hold a 12" vinyl record, a redbook CD, and/or full-resolution downloaded files containing the 12 songs of Moist Promise. And if you live in the country displayed above, we'll bring it to you.

Updates soon. Keep safe. -ZOO

1 / 9 / 2012



Not to be missed!

Click on image to see full-sized flyer.

1 / 6 / 2012

So, we've got 12.5 months left before Quetzacotl comes or our internal magnetic polarity is reversed, or everything stays the same or whatever. Personally I'm enjoying the sense of doom.

We're working hard on what will be our first full-length album, hopefully to be released in LP form with a goodly tour to follow. In the next few months these mere plans will be manifested into "happenings," so pay attention to not miss the manifestation. Enjoy a song we've finished: Starved Vocabulary

Our next show will be at Kaleidoscope (24th st + Folsom) with the entrancing Larkin Grimm, all the way from NYC, on Jan. 14. Larkin is so good and we're extremely psyched to see her play. You will be too.

Also check out a whole set that we played at our last show on this last Summer's tour, at the Record Room in Portland. You can tell that we're psyched to be on the correct coast: ZOO live in Portland

Happy 2012 y'all!!


12 / 5 / 2011

WHHOOOA there doggies

The days are much longer than when we last posted but we've been alive and well. We're recording a bunch of new songs and working on an album to be released NEXT SUMMER so that's amazing. We'll be posting some progress on the site as it is made.

Our banjo broke at our last show, collided with the bass guitar and came out the poorer, with the top six inches busted right off. It was kind of gory. This happened during our set, so we couldn't play one of our banjo-centric songs that we had practiced-- but we did get a pretty good tape of us playing it in the garage. We'd like to share that with you, the swan song of a dear companion and an example of the sort of stuff we'll be putting out in the near future:

"Itching" practice demo

In addition there's a video of us singing in the car about 6.5 weeks into our Tender Tour 2011. If we look greasy or tired, that's because we're not showering that much and we're sleeping on love seats and drinking a lot every night. Not to mention the sprawl. Crimeny. It's at the top of the VIDEO PAGE.

One more new thang: a complete list of all the shows ZOO ever played fucking EVER, and all the details that we could remember about those shows. So that's HERE

Love you guys! See you at the laundry -------- ZOO

7 / 8 / 2011

We have a new tour blog! It chronicles our wayward adventures across America.

Check it out!

6 / 11 / 2011

DUDES. The Tender Tour 2011 kick-off show is happening at Cafe du Nord on June 26, 2011 – otherwise known as gay sunday.

Make it happen!!!






june 26 at cafe du nord!!

6 / 6 / 2011 

   Hey everyone, check out this video, it's the first episode of a new show on Peralta TV that features bands doing their thang in their own practice space, which for us is the gay-raj. (Not to be confused with "GAY RAGE"). It also features our pals Buzz Mutt and Jeepneys.

   In other biznaz, we're playing at the prestigious Cafe Du Nord on June 26, right before we leave for tour. In that spirit we're calling it our TOUR KICK-OFF show, and it's our last show in town for a bit, so come on down. 

   Which leads us to the fact that we're definitely going on tour starting July 1st, so if you live in the USA, check below or on the shows page to see when we might be in your town. Updates continually. By the way we're calling this our TENDER TOUR USA 2011.

4 / 26 /2011         ***TENDER TOUR USA 2011 ***

tender tour 2011!!!

   Holy shit . We're going on tour this Summer. We've got a painstakingly crafted new CD. We'll be traipsing all across this big confusing accursed country for two months.

   If you live in one of these towns, we'd love to see you, and we'd love anyone's help in booking appearances at basements, barbeques and bars. Our entire (ostensible) schedule is listed below, and more details will be on the SHOWs/TOUR page.

  JULY 2011
          1 - Santa Cruz, CA
          2 - Santa Barbara, CA
          3 - Los Angeles, CA
          4 - Long Beach, CA
          5 - San Diego, CA
          7 - Phoenix, AZ
          8 - Tucson, AZ
          9 - Albuquerque, NM
          10 - Lubbock, TX
          12 - Austin, TX
          13 - Fort Worth, TX
          14 - Oklahoma City, OK
          15 - Fayetteville, AR
          16 - Jackson, MS
          17 - New Orleans, LA
          19 - Mobile, AL
          20 - Birmingham, AL
          21 - Athens, GA
          22 - Chapel Hill, NC
          23 - Greeneville, NC
          24 - Richmond, VA
          26 - Washington, DC
          27 - Baltimore, MD
          28 - Philadelphia, PA
          29 - New York, NY
          30 - Boston, MA

  AUGUST 2011
          1 - Providence, RI
          2 - Northampton, MA
          3 - New Brunswick, NJ
          4 - Pittsburgh, PA
          5 - Ann Arbor, MI
          6 - Indianapolis, IN
          7 - Chicago, IL
          9 - Madison, WI
          10 - St. Paul, MN
          11 - Omaha, NB
          12 - Denver, CO
          14 - Salt Lake City, UT
          15 - Boise, ID
          16 - Olympia, WA
          18 - Seattle, WA
          19 - Portland, OR
          20 - Portland, OR
          24 - Eugene, OR
          25 - Arcata, CA
          26 - Reno, NV
          27 - Sacramento, CA

4 / 15 /2011

We've got some shows in SF at the end of the month. 4/28 at the Stud with ours bros Swanifant, and 4/30 with our broSEFs in Flash Gilmore and the Funbeatles. Check the shows page for more.

3 / 6 /2011

New video of us playing live at the Stud bar with Stacey Swan dancing her brains out on stage. On the VIDEOS page.

New cartoon music video of a new song!!! On the VIDEOS page.

1 / 28 / 2011

A big hand to all those who came last night at the Stud. Wonderful job everyone, we'll have to do this again sometime. Check back soon for some video of us playing while the very graceful Stacey Swan bounces off the walls for all to see.

Check out some new mp3s above this very posting! Bye for now.

1 / 2 / 2011

Now that everyone's done blowing jesus, we have a few new things up on the site and a lot coming down the chute. Yes, that chute. We're recording songs, filming a video, weeping, and preparing for our show on January 27th at the Stud with Moira Scar, Prizehog and the Broads. That is gonna be one sick fiesta.

We now have a cache of in-progress demos and snippets of what is shaping up to be our first full-length, and we're now letting some of that ooze out into the world. The first drop is a little ditty with the working title of Eric. It's called that because it came from a dream. You can see it now on the MUSIC page.

In addition to all that there's a new video of us playing at the Elbo Room, another new song that's called "Romance" until we dream of a better title. That's on the also-new VIDEO page.

Lastly, a new page that will contain work by ZOO's own Andy Tisdall, a young warlock that Newsweek has called "the greatest hotcake flipper since the Civil War." So that's here.

If you're out there, give us a sign, Peter.

P.S. for older entries, check the Blog page.